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Why a domain?

Why a domain?
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The big question?  Why own a domain?  I think most people and companies have got over the initial "fear and trepidation" of this massive thing called the "World Wide Web".  No, you are not looking to sell your home-made fairies to Canadian and Japanese customers (though this is quite possible).  To us, the first step in (for those not already involved with their own web sites), is to provide your customers, and potential customers, with relevant, concise information about your company, together with accurate contact details, and, if necessary, a map that they can download or print. 

We see it so often - every day when we drive to work or when we read the newspaper.  Some huge billboard costing R30 000 per month to have your name up in lights, then what?  No contact name or contact number, and no-one knows what it is you do.  Sure, your existing customers will think you are great, but new customers will never be obtained unless they know what it is you do.  

When looking at a domain name for your company, many companies have used their name (an obvious choice), but then realised at a later stage this this has not been very successful.  Say, for example, your company is called Johan's Camping and Hiking Store (Pty) Ltd.  It would be very easy for you to register your web site as www.johanscampingandhikingstore.co.za.  Would it be practical? No.  Would your customers have difficulty hitting your web site? Yes.  It is just not practical.  The chances of someone making a typing error while typing in such a long name is quite great.  It would have been far more practical to chose something like www.hiking.co.za or www.camping.co.za.  It makes sense to think up a different or new strategy for your web presence than the more traditional forms of marketing or advertising. Take Seekers, for example.  They are a large travel agency.  They were very quick on the draw a while ago, and registered www.travel.co.za as their online presence.  They also own the domain www.seekers.co.za, but it just defaults your browser back to their online presence, which is www.travel.co.za.  - far more practical, far easier to type, far less chance of a mistake being typed into a web browser by a potential customer etc.  I think you are starting to get my drift!! 



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