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Domains overview
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Overview of a Domain.

What is a domain?  Why do I need it?  When will I use it? Why register a domain now? Why host a web site?  What does it offer you?  Why SA Domains? Doesn't it cost a fortune? Is it worth it?

The answers, hopefully, are revealed in the proposal below.

What is a domain?

Your domain is your company's footprint on the Internet, the global advertisement for your company.  If you have stared a New Company, called, say, Newco, your domain would be newco.co.za.  It is as simple as that.  A domain is that bit after the “@” sign in an email address.

Why do I need it?

It is imperative that a company register their domain name in order for it to be secured for future use.  In addition, email addresses can be added with your company name as the domain, thereby removing the stigma of being a "small" company who still has a dial up account (like newco@iafrica.com, or newco@mweb.co.za).  Rather have the email address of the person's name at the company name, for example, fred@newco.co.za.  It comes across as far more professional to potential customers.  In addition, the sharing of the “internet” computer is removed, with each user having their own email address, either on the same PC, or on separate PCs (if your PCs are networked together).

When will I use it?

You need not use your domain immediately, it may be parked for future use, thereby ensuring your domain is guaranteed for your company to use as and when you are ready to proceed. 

Why register a domain now?

Even if you are not ready to host a web site, it is imperative you register your domain as soon as possible, in order to ensure your right to your company name as an SA domain before someone else registers the name. 

Why host a web site?

A domain should be hosted even if just to supply your potential customers with your contact details, the products you offer, and perhaps a map detailing how to find your offices. 

What does it offer you?

It allows you to reach many more potential customers than those you already target.  You never know who may be out there in South Africa.  And what about Africa – the possibilities in Africa are endless. In addition, once you have a web site, your site can be listed on numerous Search Engines, so potential customers can search for your company or the products you offer, and then get hold of your company.

Why SA Domains?

SA Domains cater exclusively for the SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) and SME (Small Medium Enterprise).  You may have started with a dial up account, which was a personal (home) account, and then you added your company name as a second email address.  Now is the time to look at expanding your presence on the Internet, and start using and marketing your company name through the extensive use of your domain.

Doesn’t it cost a fortune?

Surprisingly not.  After you have paid the one-off registration fees for your domain and the one-off set up fees for your web site, your monthly running costs are from R75, and your additional annual costs are R100 per domain. 

Is it worth it?

SA Domains ensure that your web site is high up on all relevant search engines, thus ensuring that your company gets maximum exposure when potential clients are searching for your product or a similar product or application.  Even if you only get one additional request or sale a month as a result of your web site, the profit made from the sale well exceeds the monthly costs.

Domain Name Registration:

SA Domains offer an excellent service in identifying available domains for your business, both South African (co.za) domains, as well as International domains (eg .com, .biz and .info).  SA Domains register the identified domains on your behalf, and park them until you are ready to host your domains.

Registration fee: R200 per co.za domain (international domains are quoted due to exchange rate)

Annual subscription / renewal fee: R100 per co.za domain

Annual parking of a domain: Free (if domain is registered through SA Domains)

Forwarding of any email from a new domain to an existing account (no web hosting): R200 per annum

Transfer of a domain to SA Domains: Free

Hosting options:

SA Domains offer extremely competitive hosting options, as well as numerous email options.


Do you know that a 3 page fax to, say a UK principal, could cost as much as R25 to send.  Have a look at your fax costs and see how much you could save.  Remember, all emails can be typed while off-line, and then all sent together when you are on-line, thus saving you Telkom charges.  It is far quicker to send an email than a fax, so your International Telkom phone charges are reduced.  In addition, your calls to your dial up Internet Service Provider (ISP) are local calls (a Telkom charge of 58c per minute during peak time). Also look at scanning documents and emailing them rather than faxing them, as this also saves significant costs.  All these savings add up over time.  Have a look at your phone bill in more detail.  Should you so desire, for a nominal fee, SA Domains can offer you an in depth evaluation of your phone bills, and make the necessary recommendations in order for you to save Telkom costs.

Other benefits:

One of the benefits of owning and controlling your own domain and the email addresses that come with that domain is the fact that you are now no longer tied in to a particular service provider.  Remember, you own the domain, so you can choose to move it to any hosting provider you choose.  In addition, once you start using your domain for business use and for business email, you are no longer tied in to a particular ISP.  When that ISP, say, increases their monthly charge to R145 per month, why not start shopping around and find a cheaper alternative at, say R75 per month.  That way, the costs of hosting your own domain, and the email addresses that come with your domain are offset by the savings in moving your ISP to one that is more affordable and practical for your requirements.

We look forward to providing you with a service you deserve.  



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