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Domain enquiry: If you are wanting to know if your domain is available for registration, please fill in our feedback form and enquire what name/s you are looking for.

We will enquire as to the availability, advise you what else is available, and, once you are happy, register your domain for you.

You then have one of two options.  We can "park" your domain for you (that is, we reserve the name for you until you are ready to host your web site), or we can host the web site for you.  Our hosting and web site design options can be discussed with yourself by one of our consultants.

Domain parking: This is where we register the domain for you at a cost of R200 for the registration and for parking it for the first year.  The annual cost thereafter is R100 per domain.

Web site design:  We do not boast about being the best, or about providing the "funkiest" web site.  We are not trying to win web site design awards, and, quite frankly, most of the really "funky" web sites are very slow to access due to the excessive and, (in our opinion) unnecessary graphics, flash, audio and video components.  We provide the necessary basics which will more than suffice for the first year or two of your web presence.  Besides which, unless you are actively involved in changing the content of the web site, most web sites remain (unfortunately) static for many months.  So why pay exorbitant hosting fees if you just want and need the basics.  We charge on an hourly basis, depending on the input required from our side.

Web site hosting:  Once the site is designed, we will host it for you from as little as R75 per month, depending on bandwidth and email requirements.



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